Data Entry Services

Offshore Data Entry Company in India

A data entry expert is the one who has experience in giving attention to detail and provide completed task of entering particular details within a given amount of time. Speed and accuracy is of the essence when you take a data entry operator into consideration. Because at the end of the day, it is all about giving as much productivity as one can with the most accuracy possible. Companies are always looking for data entry operators to manage large volumes of data. When companies have raw data, they need it to be arranged according to a particular structured format. This can be anything, from a list of restaurants to a city-wise list of real-estate agents. All these facts and figures are required to be converted to meaningful information so that the company gains a competitive edge when it comes to marketing.

Data Entry is an important task which is responsible for achieving required business results through exceptional workflow and quality process. Sometimes, data entry solves the most important task-generate the best possible reports that form the basis for the strategies to be employed for getting more business in the future. A data entry operator always needs to be very enthusiastic and should be able to self-manage the workload and work out the priorities to make sure that the work gets delivered on time.

When there is bulk of data to be managed, an efficient and productive data entry operator can be equal to employing 4 of them. Yes, it is true. Hence, at Outsource Bookkeeping Firm, we have made sure that our data entry operators are productive enough to give you timely sheets that are completed according to your requirements. Our data entry operators are well-versed in each and every aspect of handling different types of data. At Outsource Bookkeeping Firm we make sure that when you outsource your data entry services to us, we work within the given time and the given requirements to refine the data in such a form that it is easier to filter out any details easily.

We do journal entries and bookkeeping entries along with various other format to format entries including data entry into Excel sheets from .jpeg, .pdf and .doc files and other formats as well. We provide the following specialized data entry services to our clients as well:

  • Entering customer information into a database
  • Efficiently Setting up customer accounts
  • Daily Records Keeping Data Entry
  • .doc, .jpg, .tiff, .docx, .png, .pdf, .xps to .xls and .xlsx in a neat and clean fashion
  • Review invoices for redundancy, discrepancy and any kind of error
  • Entering invoices into the system with full accuracy
  • Entering details into the EXCEL SHEET to create a Pie-Chart or Bar-Graph according to it.
  • Debits and Credits data entry
  • Balance Sheets and Income statements data entry services

We are proud to say that our Data Entry services have been tried and tested by various international clients who have been very happy with our services. We can work on short notice as well. This means that if you have important data that needs to be complied overnight and you are looking for the best solution, make sure that you avail our data entry services that are the most cost-effective solution to your needs. If you still have any question regarding pricing or our optimised process, you can always Contact Us for more info and we will make sure that we provide you quick assistance.