HTML Conversion Services

Outsourcing HTML Conversion Services

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a popular website scripting language which is used to create websites. Since HTML code is required to show information on webpages through HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), certain coding conventions are needed to be followed for presenting Word, PPT, Excel or PDF files on a web page, software or an application. This is where HTML conversion is required. A website contains at least 1 page and can have up to thousands of pages depending upon its functioning and purpose. So HTML conversion can actually be tedious and challenging. Since data is to be displayed dynamically into HTML compatible format, it has to be done with accuracy while taking into consideration the original format it was designed in.

Given the sensitivity of such data, the experts at Outsource Bookkeeping Firm take extra care in converting Text Files, XML Files, RTF Files, PDF files, Images Files and even PSD files into HTML. We have the following services:

  • Word Files (.doc, .docx) into HTML
  • Excel Files (.xls, .xlsx) into HTML
  • Powerpoint Files (.ppt, .pptx) into HTML
  • XML Files to HTML
  • Flash Files (.swf, .flv) to HTML
  • Image Files (.jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .png) to HTML
  • PDF to HTML
  • PSD to HTML

Why Outsource HTML Conversion to Outsource Bookkeeping Firm?

  • We have more than 7 years of experience in providing on-time HTML conversion outsourcing services to customers belonging to various industries from around the world.
  • Our certified and experienced workers are professional at dealing with HTML conversion responsibilities meticulously in a given timeframe.
  • We have the best modern systems and computer softwares that are being used for the execution of HTML conversion and handling projects.
  • We can convert information from a wide array of formats including paper (manual scanned documents) as well as digital documents (word, excel, pdf, etc.) into html documents.
  • We ensure that the information is performed effectively in line with the HTML standard protocol. This involves being mindful of the condition of the data, headings, tables, tags, lists, etc. and using the considered necessary tags, incorporation of hyperlinks and cross-links, mail addresses and various domains that are a critical facet of a valid HTML convention.
  • All HTML tasks comprising complicated conversions are completed within the least turnaround time.
  • All our methods devolve around strict security and confidentiality methods. Clients can relax easily as they are promised that each one their data file could be converted to HTML as well as converted back to the original format as and whenever required.
  • We have a devoted 24×7 hours customer support on all times of the year, to manage any urgent requirement.