Legal Bookkeeping Services

Accounting Outsourcing for Law Firms

As your legal firm grows, you might find it difficult to take care of your day to day bookkeeping without some external accounting support. Finding a bookkeeper or an accountant would need a significant investment of the time and resources but thankfully there’s an improved solution: Outsourcing your legal bookkeeping services to in India.

Whenever you trust us with your accounting and bookkeeping tasks you’ll feel self-confident and secured knowing that a knowledgeable professional is monitoring your financial data. We will take care of your bookkeeping, deal with your cash stream, handle payroll processing and offer organized financial details. Our customized services will help you in keeping a profitable practice that works smoothly so as to service clients at the best levels. And we’ll be certain to keep you up to date on every expense you make so that you are able to access the expenditure and keep a check on things whenever and wherever required.

We have a dedicated team of financial experts who take satisfaction in providing personal attention, precision, and excellence in every accounting and bookkeeping tasks we do. Whenever a lawyer trusts us with his/her accounting, bookkeeping and duty needs we make an effort to take over the fundamental accounting needs of your lawyer providing you additional time to utilize clients and become profitable by upping your billable hours.

Outsource Bookkeeping Firm outsourcing is well known because of its well-qualified and industry-specific personnel who contribute into the efficient handling of valuable financial information to provide help the attorneys in order to give attention to the main functions with their business.

As part of OBF outsourcing practice, we will:

• Provide personalized brief and long-term financing and accounting services to your attorneys to allow them to focus on taking care of their cases.
• Support a number of accounting functions for clients including financial claims, bank reconciliations, completing sales taxation statements, and more sometimes.
• In charge of accounts payable/cash disbursements handling, accounts receivable/cash receipts handling, and payroll handling or coordination.
• Provide a daily transaction report with up-to-date records
• Process accounts payable like the planning and issuance of checks
• Prepare billings, record billings, enter cash receipts, and record sales tax
• Payroll coordination and processing
• Coordinate payroll according to specific country standards and regulations
• Reconcile certain accounts regular and prepare journal entries
• Monthly accounts reconciliation and accounting support
• Bank reconciliations – Updation of records, checking duplicate entries and removal
• Ability to cope with multiple projects together in a deadline powered environment
• Comfortable working immediately with management whenever required. 24×7 support.
• Ability to file accounting procedures and procedures
• Capability to suggest process and technique improvement implementation
• Proficient with use of varied software – QuickBooks experience is recommended

We will look deeply into the ventures, complete non-complex bank account reconciliations, and works with the client’s accounting function. We facilitate a number of accounting functions for clients including financial claims, bank reconciliations, doing sales taxation statements; generate payroll reports using specialised software. will also provide the law firms with the option of saving their work with us on our dedicated secured servers so that the data is not stolen. We value the integrity of data and therefore take solid measures in providing security for all data that is present with us. Our fast servers will provide you quick service and response. Moreover, when you hire us to take care of your accounting tasks, you don’t have to pay for all the expensive tools and softwares that we use. We will lease it for you and therefore you save almost 87% on what you would spend if you buy the software. And this is all legal. We have the license to use the tools for commercial use.

Our company realizes that there are extensive components to owning a successful legal practice; such as preserving complete, accurate or more to date literature and records relative to the Law World of Top Canada By-Laws, which can sketch you from the practice of legislations.

Our staff comprises of a network of bookkeeping experts with diverse skill models. If your law firm has a pending audit, will create a plan and put it into action immediately to provide the support and preparation required for your law firm or law practice. We take extreme care in reviewing books, receipts and invoices and then assist with a comprehensive response which will help in making the process easier.

We would love to help you achieve financial satisfaction. Will you give us a chance to serve you? You can head over to our Contact Us section and either call us via Skype or drop us a mail. We will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also request us a FREE DEMO of our services so that you are completely satisfied before you hire us.