As an accounting outsourcing firm, we understand the sensitivity and importance of valuable data provided by the clients. Since, CPAs and CFOs trust us with valuable data and giving us an opportunity to serve them, we consider it as our prime duty to fulfil all their needs by ensuring that their data is safeguarded in the process.

Hence, we always maintain a high standard of trust by employing various safety measures to protect the data digitally, i.e. on the servers or back-up servers as well in any physical form, i.e. physical hard-drives storing the data. We hardly keep any paper in our office, unless required by the client.

We have dedicated servers installed at various locations across the country that store valuable client information. Since we are accessing all the data remotely, there is no risk of outside intrusion or any risk of loss of valuable client information. Moreover, our servers are cloud-based, which means that the clients and our team can access the data without any time-lapse and therefore, the client can not only easily manage and transfer the data, but also track the work which is being done.

Since the client trusts us with sensitive and valuable information, we make sure that each and every detail of every service and the data is kept extremely confidential. We encourage our clients to take great care while mailing any kind of attachment and make sure that they do it on our secure servers and then download the required reports and detailed sheets from our server. Hence, this whole process is 100% secure and we take pride in that.

We keep ourselves updated with the latest security trends in the market and make sure that our systems are not attacked by any outside intruder. For that purposes, we have various software(s) that allow us to create a firewall and prevent simple virus intrusions as well as high-level DDoS attacks. Our Network Administrator keeps track of each and every activity that is carried out on our system and proper logs are maintained to make sure that any unwanted activity is immediately reported. Therefore, network security is of prime importance at Outsource Bookkeeping Firm and we maintain the highest standards of security measure to prevent and counter-attack any breach into our system.

We have a policy of keeping the data of our clients as long as they want on our servers. We will not charge them anything extra for that. If they want, they can look through the previous records for any kind of reference or taxation purposes. We don’t leave things trailing, especially valuable data and therefore if the clients instruct us to destroy data, we do the same, no questions asked.