Any business firm decide very wisely regarding choosing their perfect accounting system, which suits and meet all their business needs. They thought about all their necessary parameters like, nature, size, cycle of business operations, and so on. There are varied of accounting software that is available for specified business.

Specifically designed for the small scale businesses, QuickBooks are largely been employed in all the business enterprises whether large, small or medium. It is basically a product of Intuit Company. Till date, it has become largely used accounting software across the globe. It provides both desktop and online platform for the accountant to acquire benefits for their business.

As the business grows the requirement for the software changes and even the exiting accounting software features becomes outdates. As per your business requirements, you may need some of the advance features to well mange all the business operations of the corporate on the regular basis. And these advance features are only available in the latest version of same software.

The same is the case with QuickBooks. At one point, for meeting the present’s needs of the corporate, once the firm may choose for desktop QuickBooks, but after some, as the size of business activities expand, it can be possible that earlier chosen software must be feel out-dated by the same firm. It may be due to lack of advance and latest features in the existing desktop version. Due to out-dated version, the firm may decide upon to shift to QuickBooks online from desktop platform.

The reason might be the same that the firm did not get features they want for handling present business operations. Those latest and advance features may be seen in the QB Online. The decision must be taken very wisely, if you really need to move onto online platform.

QuickBooks Online generally provide a variety of benefits in assisting your business operations in a meticulous way. It works on full automation, due to which business will be mechanically handled precisely by the online accounting system. QuickBooks online a full-fledged Cloud based accounting and gives you a full time access over your business.

While choosing for QuickBooks Online over QuickBooks desktop, the following are some parameters where the QuickBooks online accounting system overweighs desktop Accounting:


QuickBooks online accounting system provides its user (owner of the business) to operate it it and to keep a proper watch over its business even from any another place. It gives you anywhere and anytime full accessibility.

 Even, other than the owner, the online accounting system can be operated by your company accountants for any outsourcing party to which you have delegated your accounting work. QuickBooks online can be used by up to 50 users at one time and even it can be accessed by two or more persons by giving them full authority.

Automatic Backup and Updation

QuickBooks online will enhances you with the facility of automatic updates in your existing accounting software even without your notice. Whenever a new update will exist, the software accept the same update and the next time when you will open your online accounts, that new update will already be seen in QuickBooks with a new notification.

All your data is in safe hands with the help of cloud. QuickBooks online has the capacity to make a safe backup of all your stored data automatically in the cloud periodically. You don’t need to access to setting to make a command for storing the data. There are few chances that you may lose your stored data.

One time Investment

You just not need to spend a hefty amount of funds very frequently on online version. It is only a one-time investment project. You just need to pay monthly or yearly subscription for renewing your subscription. While for the desktop, you have to pay like installing new software, every time a new a new update in available for the QuickBooks desktop. 


There are number of business applications which are synchronized with in QuickBooks online that gives the benefit of making all the business operations fully mechanical. These business apps will assist you to run your business effectively. Some of the major used integrations are: Shopify, PayPal, Woo commerce, Salesforce, Hubdoc, Tsheets, and so on.

When any firm prefers to shift to QuickBooks online accounting it enhances them with above listed entire opportunities. But still there are some shortcomings in online version, which are the strongest points in the QB desktop system, which are not transferred to online accounting system. Some of them are listed below:

  • Batch Enter Transactions
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Audit Trial
  • Progress Invoicing
  • Sales Orders (while posting)
  • Price levels
  • User permissions and settings
  • Fixed Asset Tracking
  • Concerns regarding data protection and security
  • Chances of data loss

Weather you choose for QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks online, this decision must be in regard and for the benefit of your business operations. You must opt for that specified accounting system, which suits your business precisely. And all your business activities are managed well by it.

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